Sunday, January 4, 2009

Questions & Answers

Ok, so this solid food thing....loving it, but I am confused.

1) What do you do when your child will not touch cereal?
- Parker just does not want cereal...does he REALLY need it? I have attempted to mix things in with it, applesauce, sweet potatoes, bananas...and he gives me that look like, "Mother, don't even trick me!"

2) I got the book Super Baby Food and I plan to start making my own. For those of you who have/had make your own baby food how did that work for you? I got a really nice blender rather than processor (since I know that I will use the blender a lot more than a processor) anyways...can you just give me examples of what you did, how you stored it, thawed it, measured it, and how about can I used can veggies, or do I always need to get fresh and then steam them and puree them? Just share some of your tips if you don't mind.

3) How did you know when your little one was ready for a cup? How did you introduce that? (I am thinking Parker isn't there yet, just kind of preparing.

4) What are so things you have learned from being a mommy and some tips you can share...I am attempting to make my life easier!


Oh and Parker is breathing just fine now. He has gotten horrible congested in the past few days and so we are going nuts sucking his nose out and using saline and such. I just feel like Parker has been sick like every day for the past like 3 months. It's one thing after another after another. I mean, it's all stuff that isn't serious and goes away quickly, but I feel like I should keep him in a bubble for a while! I am a bit frustrated!

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Carrie said...

Sorry I didn't see this earlier- had a busy weekend/beginning of week!

So. Cereal. I don't know, Zachary always ate it, just mixed with water. Have you tried mixing it with formula or juice? Ask your ped, but I think it's pretty important right now because of the iron in it. Maybe it's not, I dont' know.

I made all my own baby food, and you will save so much money by doing this. Starting out, I made squash, sweet potatoes- just cook them like you would if you were eating them, then puree the squash with some water until it's as thin/thick as you want it. I also did green beans/peas/carrots- from frozen or canned (no salt added/low sodium)- just puree them (I always used a blender, too) with some of the juice they come in. Then you can pour the pureed food into an ice cube tray- I have 2 just for this purpose- and freeze cubes. Then you thaw each cube individually as you need them. They each should be about 1 oz. of baby food, so you can know how much you're feeding him.

Fruit is just a little harder- other than bananas- because you have to peel & take out the cores before you puree them- so it takes a little longer- but it's not too bad- you'll get used to doing it. :)

My ped had me start Z with a sippy cup at 6 months- he said use one with handles so he could hold it- and he hated it. Wouldn't use it. Finally I got a Nuby one- from Walmart- that has a silicone straw that sticks out of the top- you will know what kind it is when you see it- and he still drinks out of it really well- plus it doesn't leak & all the other ones do.

As far as other tips, I don't have much- I'm almost as new a mom as you. :) At MOPS today though, we talked about perspective & it was such good points about remembering that these days don't last forever. :)