Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dedication, Disappointments and Darn Busy

After a weekend break from my blog, I am back. To be honest, I really had nothing to talk about other than being stressed and tired, but if I am sick of hearing it from myself, I can only imagine how annoyed you all would be! :)

This week is a busy one leading to what I must look forward too - VACATION!!!!!!! I think each day this week I am busy with something. Yesterday, I ran errands -sold some stuff to Once upon a child and then used that money for some summer clothes since I have no capri's that fit. I score two nice pairs and a cute little skirt all for 20 bucks at Clothes Mentor. The skirt was 4 bucks only! YAY! I got to do it without Parker - which was a wonderful break from him! Today, I met my friend Sarah at the zoo and hung out there this morning. It was beautiful 68, breezy, lovely. We enjoyed ourselves. Tomorrow my friend Mandi is coming over and we are doing a photo shoot with Parker! We want to include some pictures with our thank you's from sponsoring us for March of Dimes and I would LOVE to do some in his invites for his birthday! Thursday, I am heading to Jess' house to help her make up the gifts for the dedication on sunday and friday - well I am starting packing for vacation. Saturday, Drew's parents, my mom and step dad get here and then Sunday - mother's day, Parker's dedication...lots of family coming in.

I am really looking forward to Mother's Day this year. One, because this last year as a mom has been hard on me and while no, there shouldn't be a special day for mom's, I plan to revel in it darn it! Plus, what makes it more special is I get to dedicate my son at church. And some of my family will be there and that thrills me. Yet, there is a little disappointment I feel too. While I will have a lot of family, there are some members that just have never said anything to me about it and there is another part that had planned to come, but decided yesterday they weren't going to because of the distance. I guess I should be used to disappointment when it comes to family and things like this. i am more hurt about the people backing out then the ones just not coming. But, I am choosing to remain positive and enjoy having the family I will have and doing something so special for Parker.

Is it bad that I am frustrated that Parker is crawling now? I feel like my baby is gone and now all of the sudden I have a toddler. I want my itty bitty baby back. I am not ready for this. I liked it better when he was smaller. I miss him snuggling with me and just laying in my lap, now he is into everything, making messes, talking, loud. I guess I am disappointed I didn't get a little more time of him as a baby. It almost makes me want to have another baby...but I have every intention of waiting and to be honest, without knowing my risk of HELLP again, part of me is fine with just Parker.

I am going to sign off for now. I hope you all are well. Not sure what my blog will look like for the next couple of weeks...I may be a little bit random in my posts.


Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad you had a successful shopping spree! Mother's Day will really be nice. It's nice to have a day to be recognized.

Don't be too frustrated that he's crawling. Save it for when he's running around!

Carrie said...

I know how you feel about being frustrated with Parker crawling & not being as cuddly...I remember when Z turned one, something in our relationship changed - I mean, he had been moving for a while, but somehow at one, he became more independent...and it was hard for me for a while, but eventually I was able to embrace our new relationship, and now we can do fun stuff together since he's walking - we go outside & all, and it really is neat. You will get used to it eventually. :)

Also, as far as him getting into stuff, I just let him, and leave the house a mess all day, and pick it up when he goes to bed. :)