Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parker's Party!!!

Party in the hizz-house! Party over here, party over there. Party hearty hearty friends!

I am getting super excited about Parker's 1st birthday party at the end of the month! My friend Ali made my invites for me and did a lovely job! I bought some things to help with sprucing up the envelopes since they are plain white ones. I am planning to mail them out by the weekend. His theme is Elmo's World. Which is a lot easier to do than Elmo in Turtleland! The invites are red and orange, on the orange sheet of paper is all the party info. I bought some stamps and am going to stamp on the letter's "P" and "B" for party, birthday and Parker! My friend Mandi is here today and is going to do some photos for us. We are going to do a family photo and do some photos of Parker so I can include a picture in the invites!

Other aspects of the party include - having a center piece of a goldfish (a real one that will not be kept by us, but will be given to a friend!) You know, because Elmo's best friend is Dorothy. I am planning on doing a craft where you make your own fish bowl with dorothy in it. I am planning on getting white paper for the tables and then each kid can have a small set of crayons and color on the paper. We are doing gifts, only because we don't have a whole lot of age appropriate toys for Parker. So we'd like to get some! I debated for a while on this, but I finally said, yes, gifts...because we can't afford to buy him a whole lot!

I am still working on more details. Favor bags for instance and food. I have a small list of ideas - pizza roll ups (home made!) lemonade, trail mix, sandwiches, veggies and fruit tray. Anyone know of any good cookbooks or recipes that make food fun. I have one that is called cooking for kids and I'd like to make the food fun. I am also figuring out the rest of the decor and anything else I might need.

If you have any food thoughts or cookbooks, let me know. Also, would it be weird or ok to put in a little piece of paper in with the invite to let his guests know that his baby registry is up to date with toy ideas? I am not sure what is proper when doing 1st birthday. Also, is it ok to say please no stuffed animals and clothes? Since he has a ton? Is that proper etiquette?

I am getting so pumped for this!!! Woohoo!!!


Ali said...

I meant to mention today, the invites look great as-is. Don't feel pressured to find stickers - I think they will be well-received with or without the Elmo stickers.

Also, if you are going to have fruit, I'll make-up a fruit dip. I have a great and easy recipe.

Finally, not sure how I feel about the registry/gift information. I suspect he'll get toys regardless - it's fun to buy toys and that is all Henry received for his 1st bday. He didn't receive any clothes at all.

Sounds like you are going to have a great party!

Heatherlyn said...

I think miss manners would say that the proper etiquette would be to say nothing at all about gifts.

But, I think it would be Ok to say that Parker is registered at wherever he is registered at in case the guests are interested in knowing what Parker likes. Because sometimes people ask what kids like or need. But really, with gifts it's kind of you take what you get and you can donate what you don't need to a local shelter.

I think your party ideas will be really fun and the kids will have a great time!

Carrie said...

I think the Dorothy centerpiece & craft sound SUPER cute! :) Great ideas!!! :)

Also, as far as etiquette & gifts go, I wouldn't say anything about gifts in the invitation. Usually if a birthday party invitation doesn't say, 'no gifts, please', then people will assume they should bring far as the registry...I don't could maybe slip in a little extra paper like people do in their wedding invitations. :)

Erin said...

HI! I love the fishbowl idea! I just watched elmos world and can't get that DARN song out of my head. are you going to have the song in the party while everyone gets there? ha. ha.