Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Famous Friends...

Please meet the Tavinao family!

I have had the privilege of knowing this beautiful family for 3 years now and I adore each of them. Gabe and Marla and their 3 daughters, Livi, Ava and Nina just make my heart so happy. Gabe is an amazing website designer. He has designed not only both his and Marla's personal blogs, but also our church's as well as many many others. And Marla, oh man, where do I start when it comes to this woman. Her heart is so big and she is lovely. She is a writer that has written From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife, Is That All He Thinks About, Changing your World, One Diaper at a Time, and her most recent Expecting. She is one of the sweetest and caring people I know. She has cheered me up and offered advice to me many a time. Their girls, the cutest stinking girls ever! (though they don't stink).

Just a normal american family, living in a normal american town, trusting God always and loving Him even more. A family who also loves to take pictures (I borrowed the one above) and who love animals. So when they decided to do 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks and Marla wanted to right a book about it, I wasn't too surprised. And they did it too, last Saturday was the big zoo 52 and we had a party at our home zoo here in Columbus.

Now all of a sudden, this family is being thrown into the spotlight. 10tv, one of our local stations started this and boy has it become a big thing. Being featured on the internet and this Saturday being able to share their story LIVE on the early show. I mean really?

I am so proud of them. Marla keeps posting tweets and what not about trusting God and this being bigger than what they had expected and that's true! God is certainly up to something and I am so glad to know this family and watch them share the Lord even if they aren't able to come right out and say it (though they normally do!)

And hey, now I can say I have famous friends, right? I am so thankful to know them and so thankful to see them representing God like they are and I pray that this publicity will be for God's glory!

I love you guys and I am rooting for you!

Here is the 52 Zoos info!

And enjoy getting to know my friends! They are like awesome and stuff!

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Marla Taviano said...

Thanks, friend! You are too, too kind! Love you!