Friday, January 8, 2010

Lord Help Me - I have a terrible pre-2

Please someone tell me that my precious little preemie boy with the cutest face, beautiful blue eyes, and a head of blonde hair is not a toddler, isn't becoming a terrible pre-two and won't become a delinquent down the road. Ok, so I know he won't become a delinquent, but I tell you what, his attitude recently has been REALLY bad recently. He's at this point where if he doesn't get his way - he whines, if mommy doesn't feed him fast - he whines, if mommy doesn't get him out of bed when he's done sleeping fast enough - he whines, if mommy says "Stop, no, please don't..." he whines! I mean the whining is incredible recently.

Oh and the tantrums. I mean REALLY? You've got to be kidding me. Today for example I was pulling his lunch together (a lunchable - takes like 30 secs at most to do). I close the gate to the kitchen and sat there on the floor and cried the most FAKE cry I have ever heard. And he did it up until I opened the gate...and boom, he's happy. I know the difference between a normal cry and the "I hate the world" cry.

I am so over this already and he isn't even TWO. I mean it's crazy. It makes me REALLY want my little baby back. I really miss having a little baby in the almost makes me ready for another one...

So if you could pray for me and this stage of life, I'd greatly appreciate that.


Marla Taviano said...

Praying for you, friend. You do know, don't you, that if you have another baby, you don't get to trade Parker in? You'll have a baby AND a toddler (which is lovely but twice as hard).

Christy said...

I have had 4 children, pregnant with #5 and hate to tell you but your child is completely normal. I've met very few chidren who wait until they turn 2 to start throwing tantrums and whining....they're starting to figure out that they are their own individual self and want to do things on their own, and sometimes they can, but when they either can't actually do something because it's physically not possible for them yet or you will not allow him to...tantrums and whining ensure. Discipline is possibly at it's most importance right now, how you react or don't sets a tone, not to say it'll stop the behavior, but they're smart at this age, at times far smarter than us, and can figure out if something's going to stick to your grounds.

I HIGHLY suggestion Creative Discipine by Lisa Whechel....great idea's and she has a chapter just on toddlers!

Carrie said...

Oh, Denise, i completely understand. Z is a terrible two, so I am TOTALLY right there with you on the whining and tantrums. I always think of that phrase, 'This, too, shall pass' and trust that it will. :) Just in time for Natalie to go through it, I suppose... :)