Saturday, November 8, 2008

And So it begins...

The symptoms of teething - 

Irritability: um check!

Drooling: double check

Coughing: check

Chin rash: haha - no not at this point

Biting & gnawing: Does gnawing on a wet rag count? if so check

Cheek rubbing and ear pulling:  um nope

Diarrhea: not that I have notices

Low-grade fever: Check 

Not sleeping well: he's actually sleeping better

Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.): check

I think my little man is on his way to his first tooth, heck no! I am so not ready for this, my baby is not supposed to be old enough to get teeth!

It is incredible for me to think that this little man laying on the couch beside me snoring and kicking me is probably in the process of getting teeth. There are times that I stare at him and wonder, how on earth am I so lucky? Why is he so beautiful? How can I love a human being this much! I still can't get over how he interacts with me, how he smiles and laughs and coos and drools and is just precious as ever. I am in love with his face, his blue eyes, his ever thickening hair, his chin, his nose, his long fingers, his toes, and every thing about him. 

I feel so beyond blessed that he is mine. It's hard to believe at this time last year my body was preparing for this little critter of mine, and now, here he is. All 9+ pounds of him. I am blessed that even though his life started out rough and scary, he has come this far, he may behind in his growth, but who cares, everything else is going well. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Sure, I get myself convinced that something is terribly wrong, 

Thank you God, for this precious life you have entrusted to me. Thank you for holding him in your hands and continuing to do so and healing him! Thank you for giving me the ability to be a mommy and always giving me the faith to do so. I am so thankful for my critter, I love him and I love you, my God!  - Amen!

Seriously, how can you not love this face???

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Ali said...

Henry's on his way to a mouthful - two teeth and counting.