Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Loss of Words!

**** Update****

Officer Terry Polston passed away this afternoon at around 1:20pm. He is at peace now and he is not suffering anymore. I am going to miss this man so much. Please pray for his family, friends and those the touched! I am going to be heading to Indiana once I know the funeral arrangements.

For now, meet my friend, my role model, the many I love dearly: Officer Polston

I truly don't really know what to type right now, I am at a complete loss of words. My heart is hurting for someone VERY near and dear to it and I am just praying that this person will be ok. I am not sure how many of you know of the D.A.R.E. Program, but it's something in Indiana that teaches Drug Abuse Resistance Education. In elementary school you had a DARE officer come in teach you all about resisting drugs and such. One of the most prominent and most loved Officers, O.P. is one that everyone knows. He loved by so many. Sadly, this amazing man is very ill, he has cancer and has been battling it for years. He was in remission and it came back very strong. He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. My heart is just broken right now. i guess sometimes I forget that death can come in a blink in an eye. I am just not ready for him to leave and go be with his heavenly father, but I know that his suffering would be over! My heart breaks because this man means the world to me (and many others). I love him dearly, I respect him highly and I look up to him immensely.

I just pray that he will be at peace, that his family will be at peace and that is suffering ends however it must. I pray for his son, daughter and wife, as well as other family, that they find God's peace and strength. I pray that we who love him can work through this as well. A who town in Indiana has been impacted by him and I am sure will hurt if he does go to be with God.

If he does pass away...I have every intention of going home for a few days to be there for the viewing and funeral if I can. The only thing that is really going to stop me is either weather or timing. I am not looking forward to driving 4 hours with a 6 month old to attend something like this, but, I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't attempt to. I so love this many that it would break my heart not to see him one last time!

Please pray for Officer Polston, his family, his friends, his students in this really hard time.

Pray for me as I am being hit pretty hard by this.

****on a completely random note - we got our washer and dryer today!*****

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