Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me, Nope!

It's that time of the week again! Head over to MckMama's site for the rules of this weekly confession.

Weekly confessions:

Thanksgiving was amazing, except that something did not happen that made me cry. My son was not at all constipated and I did not have to actually help him get his #2 out. He did not scream in bloody murder and it did not break my heart.

I did not get wine all down my arm while trying to plug a whole in the turkey pan. This did not bother me because I just adore the smell of wine.

I had choir practice last tuesday and was running behind because people were not driving as slow as turtles, I did not in the hustle and bustle of not getting there late lost my son's blanket. I did not find it in lost in found and breathe a sigh, no wait, scream in relief.

I am not at all good at putting on masks and pretending to be something I am not. Therefore, at church yesterday, although I was feeling crummy, I did not pretend to be super happy and chipper because I really wanted to get into the conversation as to why things are hard right now.

I do not feel like a bad mom because Parker had issues pooing and now has a horrible diaper rash!

We are not at all broke and strapped for money in this house. It's not to the point where I am doing my best to sell things on craiglist because we are trying desperately to make ends meet. Nope, I would never admit to that. Because then I would get worried that people feel bad for us, because if that happens, I am not one to attempt to turn away help, because I do not get embarrassed about it and feel bad that people want to help.

I did not just admit to money issues.

I am not at all lonely most days and I do not want to get out of the house at all. And of course I always call people to see if they want to hang out, because it does not at all make me feel desperate.

I am not going to go now and take a bit of a nap!


Michelle said...

Ouch, your poor little guy! For me it was essential to have women to hang out with when my girls were little. Otherwise I would have gone insane!

Carrie said...

Denise, we'll be praying for you guys! Sorry about the money issues- we understand that. I'll pray that God will provide for you, and I know from experience that He always does. And, yeah, getting out of the house is always a blessing! :)