Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections & Resolutions

Goodbye 2008...Hello 2009,

How weird does that sound to say, 200 - 9? It's so strange to me. I feel old realizing that I am 2 years away from my 10 year High School reunion. Am I really two years away from 28? Wow...just wow.

I want to remember 2008 as the year I got what I have always wanted - my own child. I knew growing up that I wanted to be a mom, in fact, I always felt like a mom to my 3 younger siblings, but I knew that I wanted my own baby. It was a dream of mine. And this year, that dream came true. In the next room, sleeping, is my beautiful son. He is my little miracle, my little critter, my tiny turtle, my Mr. Man. I love him more than I ever thought I could love anyone.

I just wish things had worked out better in regards to my pregnancy. To this day, it still hurts at times when I think about how suddenly it went from a great pregnancy to a scary one. It still hurts when I think about how I went from pregnant, to not with in the matter of 4 hours. It's now what I had planned and not what I expected and while sometimes it feels like a total bummer and I get angry, I wouldn't change what came out of it. I adore Parker and everything I went through, was so so worth it.

I look forward to a new year, a new chance. I want to forget about all the negative stuff of this year and look on to a new year.

I resolve or hope and plan to lose weight this year. I have no desire to get pregnant in the near future (or at this point, ever again, as I have some internal stuff to work through related to that.) So I plan to work on eating better - more organic, less junk - working out more. I want to get in better shape and stop feeling like total junk. I want to work on my scrap booking again and I want to step out and meet new people.

I want 2009 to be a more positive year for me, for my family. I look forward to seeing Parker turn 1, going to Tennessee to meet some relatives on Drew's side I haven't, taking Parker to the zoo for the first time, going up to Buffalo, seeing Parker walk, hearing him talk, ect.

So goodbye 2008 and hello 2009! Happy New Years everyone


Carrie said...

Happy New Year to you, too!!! Great reflections & great resolutions, too! :) This year will be so special as we watch our little boys grow!!! :)

Ali said...

Yay for a new year!