Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift Guide!

I have been thinking a lot about mother's day this year. It's my first one with a child (though I did celebrate it last year!) and I count myself lucky to be able to celebrate it. Though I realize you should not need a day to celebrate moms, I plan to enjoy it! I truly believe this year is going to be one of my best because I get to dedicate my son on this day! This just thrills me.

I have been thinking a lot about gifts. I have no idea what I would want. While I need/want new clothes I don't want them for mothers day. I thought I wanted something sentimental, but I am not sure about that either, the last thing I really need is another necklace or picture frame. I have been searching the internet, reading other blogs and I have come up with my list of Mother's Day gift ideas (hunny, are you paying attention???) Parker, is daddy paying attention for you??? (These are in random order)

1. The Pouchee
- Not that my purse is horribly unorganized, but it would be nice to have a way to change purses easier. I am also too the point where I don't always carry a purse, what with an almost one year old and his stuff, I tend to throw my stuff in his diaper bag or a canvas bag and go. I am almost sick of trying to balance a purse, a diaper bag, ect. I certainly think this would be helpful. Plus, my friend Sandy, has one and loves hers and well, she's getting me to love them too!

2. The Fumi Purse Hook
- Did I not just say that I don't want to carry my purse as much? Well, its true, but I do plan to carry it when out with a friend or on a date with the hubby! This little doodad is super cute and practical. Rather than sitting my purse on the ground in who knows what, it keeps it up off the floor! How handy is that! No more bending over to pick it up, no sitting it in nasty sticky stuff. It makes life a little easier! Plus, its fashionable! Oh and this is another thing Sandy owns and it's too cute!

3. Gladiator Sandals and or Flip Flops!
- Sure I said I didn't want clothes, but I didn't say I didn't want shoes! I love me some shoes, especially sandals - especially gladiator style and flip flops. It's in my humble opinion that sandals are fantabulous and everyone should own them! I am not a huge fan of the gladiator sandals that go up really high, but I certainly would love something like these:

4. Planters/Flowers
- I grew up always helping my grandma planting flowers in the spring. While I loathe bees, I love flowers and I miss having flowers around. I live in an upstairs apartment, so I have no actual ground area to plant flowers, but I do have front and back balconies. I have been thinking a lot about getting some planter boxes and planting flowers. I have one small flower pot (it currently has very DEAD plants in it) but I would love to have more. Just a small garden in a box! Heck, maybe even some hanging flower pots would be nice too. There are hooks that I could use to hand some up. I just really need some flowers or something.

5. An Outdoor Oasis
- I would love to make my front balcony another room! I would be out there ALL the time! I'd love to get an outdoor rug, a couple of plants, a cute little bistro table and chair set and make a little outdoor living area. As it stands right now, my patio has a green blanket on it (for when Parker is out playing so he doesn't sit on wood, and a foldable lawn chair!

6. Spa Day/Massage
- Seriously, what mom would not like this. Oh man, I would love to have a day of pampering with out the kiddo. I'd love a nice professional massage, get my hair done, soak in hot tub, just a day to myself.

7. Esty Gift Card
- I am obsessed with Etsy. I love handmade, unique, thoughtful items. I love looking at all the creative items on etsy and would love a gift card so that I could get some things.

8. Pictures of Parker
- As it stands right now, I do not have any pictures of Parker hung in the house. I have wedding pictures and that's about it. I'd love some 8x10's to hang up, that would be super awesome! I'd love to have enough to where I could make a collage on my wall.

9. Blog Design
- I would love to have my blog updated with a nice design by someone who makes layouts. I came across a great website of someone who does designs as a way to raise money to go on volunteer/humnaitarian trips. The name of her site is Blogs for a Cause! It's a great way to not only get a nice gift for mother's day, but also support someone else. And I have to say, she does great work!

10. Organizing Needs
- On thing I have been working hard on is organizing my home. Making things easier to find, while de-cluttering and giving items homes. I would love to go to the container store or really anywhere and just get a bunch of different items to help with my organizing. I have done quite a bit of work so far (especially in my kitchen) and I would love to keep going at it. I am sick of the clutter and the messes!

Well there you have it, 10 ideas for Mother's Day gifts. Also, I am a huge fan of handmade things by your children. I still make handmaid gifts, cards ect for others and I believe it adds a special touch to a gift to know that your child put in effort to make you something!

I also had the chance to post this over at Blissfully Domestic, one of my favorite sites for all things domestic, blissful and useful. This site is amazing, it always has awesome articles, anything from home decor ideas to being blissfully you! Check it out: Blissfully Domestic.


Ali said...

Great ideas. I'm still partial to the iPhone.

Kim said...

Ohh, I LOVE your list! And what a good idea - I think I'll post one so that my husband can "get a hint." lol

And thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I really appreciate your visit and comment! :)

Denise said...

Ali, you crack me up, the only reason the iphone isn't on my list is because I am getting one this summer. But it's ok if you are partial, I'll forgive you!

Lori said...

Hey Denise. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'll send you an email so we can keep in touch better.

Congratulations on your first Mother's Day! I hope you get that pampered day!

-Lori @ http://www.thetowells.com

Heatherlyn said...

That's a fun list. I love your outdoor room/balcony idea!

My birthday is ON mother's day this year. It's kind of like having my birthday on Christmas.

Megan said...

Great Ideas. I never thought of suggesting my hubby get me a blog redesign. That is a great one!

Eli's Lids said...

Great idea for hinting to the hubby! I LOVE etsy too. In fact, my mother's day gift is a necklace from etsy... http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5355571