Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Things I Wonder...

Today, I have alot on my mind - mostly things I wonder!

1. How did my baby go from this:

To this:

My baby is 11 months old today, I cannot believe it!

2. How do I not lose my mind now that my little man is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything?

3. Why does Parker always seem to find the hardest surface to pull up on? And how many times can he fall and bump his head before the kid gets a concussion or something?

4. How afraid should I be of the swine flu?

5. Does Jack Hanna live in Columbus since he is our zoo director?

6. Should I go to the library today?

7. Is my son going to say "kitty" before he says "mama"?

8. How do I not over pack for our Tennessee Trip? I don't want to go overboard, but I also don't want to forget anything since we will be gone for a week.

9. Why did I just call my cat Parker?

10. Why do I love blogging so much?


Heatherlyn said...

Good questions! Should we place bets on which he says first? Good luck packing for your trip. I think I overpacked everything until I was 30. Now I try to pack as little as possible. :)

~Holly~ said...

All great questions! The only one I know the answer to is #1! Jesus is the answer!!! Your son is adorable!! :) Have fun on your trip! :)

Carrie said...

Those are good questions. :) I remember when Zachary was at Parker's stage of pulling up, he routinely had 3 or 4 bruises on his head at all times! Poor little guys! :)