Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Things I Hate about you I am sick of.

In an effort to make my brain stop suffering, I give you 10 things I am sick of (in no particular order - or well, maybe an order).

1) Jon and Kate + 8 Affair/Money Grubbing/Open Marriage Controversy...

Here's my thoughts, whether it happened or not - I don't know, we may never know the full truth, but at some point you have to look at yourself and look at how you are acting and responding to said controversy and step back and start focusing on healing things and how important the kids are. No - I am not a fan of divorce and I think that most problems can be solved if you and your significant other are willing and wanting to solve them. Personally, I do believe there was an affair - however, I don't believe that Kate would offer Jon an open marriage out. I do feel like they are mostly in it for the money now. I just feel like the years show how things have changed...and that is sad. They need to stop their show and focus on their marriage, family, children - there are 8 kids that will be affected by this.

2) Tabloid/Paparazzi

And this is why things like the J&K controversy become more than they should. Really - get a better a job, do you have nothing better to do then stalk on celebs and write junk about them. Do you feel good about yourself when you do? It's really sad how far things can go when it comes to the stalkerazzi and tabloids. I feel like those in this field lack some form of human emotion. Even I, a simple stay at home wife and mom who is not a celeb find it sad the extremes that these "professionals" go to. :(

3) Terrible Drivers/Road Rage/Driving Ignorance

Case in point: Yesterday Drew and I are headed home. We decide to cut through a little side street in a strip mall. There are OBVIOUS signs for those not coming of the main road that say "In coming traffic does not stop." We get through the light and proceed. Car one stops a full car length in a half PAST the stop sign. We honk, as we have the right away and rather than at that point just going, he stops in the middle of the road. Literally, right after this guy goes another car, who has witnessed the whole thing does the same thing. And has the audacity to FLIP US hello genius...we are not at fault - you are! Seriously, it makes me not want to drive, the lack of courtesy, lack of following the road rules and general "duh" things that come along with driving. Like duh - big red octagon shape with STOP written on it is probably a sign that means STOP. Or DUH, turn signals when attempting to switch lanes and someone is behind you - a good thought. Flipping us off for following traffic rules - ugh. Really...get a life!

4) My Husband's Car

Sorry hunny, but I am so over the every other week break downs. Ok, so maybe it hasn't been every other week - but oh my word it feels like it. And what makes it worse, we have put a lot into to get all these things fixed and it CONTINUES to do the exact shame thing...stall and break down. Then when a mechanic get is "nothing shows up" or we get something fixed, it's fine for a couple of days and then doing the same thing. I am so ready to take the stupid thing and just let someone hit it so we can just get a new car. And when we get a new one - we won't make the mistake of getting one that does not have a warranty and i will be a part of the decision more than I was.

5) Shows I like being cancelled/ending

Stop the madness and just bring back Eli Stone, Pushing Dasies and ER and no one will get hurt. I also am not happy that Samantha Who has been cancelled and The Class- I loved that show.

6) The JumpArounds

Could they be any more annoying? Oh man, and cheesy, so cheesy. Ugh...

7) Being Told My Son is Tiny

Ok, I get it some - he's a little guy and almost walking...but after hearing so much over vacation, I just can't deal with it anymore. I feel like putting a sign on his head that says, "Yes, I am a preemie and tiny...move along." I don't know what else to do. It normally requires an explanation of why and even that gets annoying. But see the thing is...he isn't tiny...tiny is his 2lb 3oz body that could be in both my hands and that's it. Tiny is a 1 pound miracle from God. Sure he's small, but when you see someone really heavy you don't go, "oh my gosh, so big." Or at least you shouldn't.

8) My Son teething/moving/hitting his head

I was not at all prepared for this part of being a mom - toddler stage. I realize it's all part of growing up, but after about bump 5, I am just done with it. Sigh, yet, I love it, I love that he is so interactive and silly and tries new things. I just wish I had some bubble wrap sometimes.

9) Being Over Weight

I have terrible self image and I am trying to lose some weight...but it's hard and i get frustrated with myself. Help! I can't help my coke addiction - kidding!

10) My Apartment

Ok so not the apartment it's self, but the general cluttered and unorganized-ness, non matching picture frames, white walls, our tropical bathroom set (why did I register for that?!), not having patio furniture, needing to plant flower, ect. I just want it to feel more like home and less like an apartment, ya know?

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Jen said...

great list. I am sick of the JOn and Kate thing too. They should just stop and live a private life.

Margo said...

I've really got to try this prompt, especially if it makes you feel better afterward... but I'm afraid it would just get me all riled up! The shows I watch always get canceled!

Lori said...

I second your comment about how people calling your son tiny gets on your nerves. Everyone who meets (or knows) my DD says, "she's so little." YEAH! I know! She's 18 lbs and almost 15 months old (5%), but she's completely healthy and hits her milestones before most, so back off! Ahh, that felt good. I'm done. lol.

Lori @

Heatherlyn said...

That's a good prompt for venting. And blogs are a great place to do it.

The car would drive me nuts. I can handle a car with cosmetic problems. But it's got to run reliably!

And the celeb thing. Crazy. I suppose if people wouldn't buy it then they wouldn't make any money. But it is so trashy and I think it drags our whole society down. I mean, why is the sad breakdown of someone's marriage a public newstory that's making the couple wealthy? That's just really wrong.

I hope you have a good day, despite the tropical bathroom stuff (that IS kind of funny, you have to admit)!

giraffegirl524 said...

amen!!! jon and kate need to quit it, i don't watch the show but the ones i've watched, it seems like jon is just not happy and i don't think i would be either with the way kate acts towards him.. but anyway, the driver thing! definitely agree with you there! people are so inconsiderate!!!!

good post!