Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting really upset.

I seriously don't get it...I don't get people today.

i do not understand where people get off coming to people's personal blogs and putting them down, criticizing them, treating them like crap.

I do not understand how you can take a picture of a sweet miracle child and put horns on the picture saying she is the devil child.

I do not understand how insensitive people can be towards a family who's daughter is fighting for her life.

You were not FORCED to read their blog. If you didn't like it, you shouldn't have kept reading it. Now, thanks to your heartlessness and just plain rudeness a family I have been praying for for months, is possibly closing down their blog. Does this make you small minded, mean hearted people feel better? That your words and actions have caused pain to a family and to their friends who care about them. What, do you enjoy doing this.

It isn't the first time it's happened to blog friends, or myself.

If you don't want to hear what someone has to say, don't put in that effort to read a blog.

I pray that you will see the pain you have caused and be forever regretful.

I am so sick of negative commenters on blogs and people who put others down. I just don't get it.

The End.


Heatherlyn said...

I completely agree with you. I wonder if I don't read enough blogs or if I'm just lucky enough to not have seen it personally. People who are rude and mean and make fun of others' blogs have ISSUES. PROBLEMS. Serious serious problems. I mean, if you don't like a blog you can just leave and never come back. So we are talking seriously cowardly passive aggressive disturbing behavior on the part of people who are rude, mean, etc. I don't get it either. It is WRONG!

Carrie said...

I know exactly what you're talking about, and it so frustrated me, too - why in the world would you do something so heartless to a family who is going through SO much already? It is so heartbreaking.

Anthony's Mommy said...

I was told the other day from an actual old friend of mine (real life old friend) that my blog upsets her! Ummmmm really? Cause I thought for a preemies's story it was VERY uplifting. Thats what I've been told from preemie parents and after all this IS what my blog is about! But yeah she basically wanted me to change the whole "theme" of my blog because it upsets her! Ummm yeah don't think so!!

Was this about the April Rose hoax I've been hearing about?


Anonymous said...

I haven't been blogging very long but I don't recall ever seeing something you are saying. In fun and play yes it happens on my blog but the regulars to my blog know how I am and how I like to joke around. I can't believe people would do this kind of commenting. Very Sad. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Aloha