Monday, June 8, 2009

Please don't go...

As most of you know, or maybe not, we live in an apartment. Our hope is that by doing this we will save money and be able to get a house and not stress over the money part. Anyways, I love our apartment - it has a lot of young families in it, unlike our last one we are not the minority. It's in a great part of town, very quiet - our back yard is a wetlands, our neighbors are a golf course and a church. There are nice condo's and a neighborhood across the's an ideal local. So what is the problem you ask?

The problem is that a lot of neighbors with young kids are leaving and moving out. There isn't anything wrong with that persay - the problem is, annoying people keep moving in. Our once quiet area is becoming a little louder. Again - not that that's a huge problem, but when you already have neighbors that share your wall and they scream, yell and slam doors at all hours, yah not fun.

It's sad to me that now that it's summer and Parker can actually be out, all those neighbors that had kids his age are leaving and being replaced by people who seem to not understand they are living at an apartment and some level of respect for others should be made.

I am really praying right now that God brings some more newer younger families in to these empty apartments so that we can connect with them. It's hard to connect with someone and then a few months later, they are gone. Makes me sad.

Maybe I am over reacting or over stressing, but I want Parker to have friends that he can (eventually) just go out and play with.

I will say that most of our neighbors, even though they may not have kids, are great. Though we don't know them all, we enjoy saying hi to them on occasion and being able to just walk around our complex. It's the few that seem to think this is a place to be as loud as you want bother me. There are just some people who really shouldn't live in apartments.

It just bums me out. Oh well, I know God is good and will give us friends here that we can get to know. It's just a matter of when!


Carrie said...

Aw, that is sad. And I'm sure apartment life is hard - a friend of mine is looking for a house in our area because they are pretty much DONE with their apartment, too. :( Hope some young families move in near you, though! :)

Heatherlyn said...

You are not really overreacting. It's a bummer when neighbors move in that you aren't crazy about. I hope some nice families move in for you. It sounds like a very nice area!

Angela said...

That stinks. My upstairs neighbors are very loud and annoying most of the time. The neighbors in the apartment next to us actually have a baby around the same age as mine, but they don't seem to be very social. I recently joined a playgroup on and now my kids have lots of friends.