Monday, June 15, 2009

Tidbits - Lots of Randomness

It's been a while since I have actually put in a decent update of a blog. I don't know how decent this will be, but I will share with you some of the things that are going on.

- Taking precautions: I have heard too much lately about pictures being stolen and used on other blogs or in other areas of the country/world. I have decided to start watermarking all pictures I put on here. Last thing I need is someone passing off my son as theirs. I am hoping to also make this blog look a lot nicer, someday when I get money, I want to get a layout made as well as a button and such. But alas - I have no money - or at least not enough to have a decent background made, so I wait.

- Ouch: So yesterday I am getting out of the shower, I am rushing and slip and fall, hit my back on the tub and come down hard on my tailbone - needless to say I have been in PAIN!

- So our apartment complex was being repaved last week - and they still ARE NOT DONE! I mean seriously! The paving itself is done, however - they haven't lined the area by my building...and we don't know when they will and it's sectioned off - can you say annoying.

- I went to garage sales on Saturday and I was horribly disappointed. They were in these two HUGE neighborhoods that are near my apartments. Well the one, I was like, oooh, young families, lots of stuff - WRONG. Only maybe 1/4 or less of the houses were actually selling anything. I did, however, find 2 Melissa and Doug puzzles and a purse at one and they were each a dollar a piece! After that neighborhood Parker and I headed to another - where we met up with Tabatha and Logan. Logan is Parker's NICU buddy - born the same day and same gestation. We were able to score some clothes for Parker and Logan, but other than that, Nadda. Oh and for people who have one - I will not go to a garage sale if you are standing outside smoking by all the stuff you are selling. Last thing I need is my stuff to smell like smoke. So just a suggestion - maybe go behind your house or in it - especially if you have other people helping. Also, if you are selling posters of mostly naked women - I will not be purchasing from you!

- Today, Drew and I had a date day. We got up and rearranged our living room again. I like the set up, but need to finish getting stuff moved to other places. My house is a mess - which is annoying. After that, we dropped Parker off at our friends and Drew and I went to see Night at the Museum 2 - I looooooved it. So much better than the first if you ask me! It was nice to have that time with Parker.

- I should note, I do not at all appreciate know-it-alls. (I REALLY wanted to go off on someone last night for being rude and acting like a know it all. It annoyed me!)

- Hmmmm - I think that is all I have for today! Have a good one and be blessed!


Carrie said...

I would love to add watermarks to my blogging photos & twitpics, too - can you send me a quick email & tell me how to???

Ali said...

Garage sales are so hit-or-miss. I feel your pain!

PW said...

Yes, garage sales are really a hit or miss. I've found really great deals at stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army thrift shops. They have clothes, toys, furniture, everything at really low prices. Are there any near you?

Heatherlyn said...

How do you water mark pictures? Maybe you can do a post on how that is done?