Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Milestones and Heart Attacks!

Well, it's been an interesting week thus far and it's what, only Wed? Wed morning none the less!

Parker has hit a milestone of sorts - he now claps his hands! (Finally!) It's really cute and doesn't produce a lot of sound, but he does it...and if I say "Yay Parker" he will clap. He also now has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on bottom. He's also gotten more daring as far as climbing and standing on his own. He will let go of whatever he's holding on to and stand for, oh, 10-15 seconds. Parker had a first yesterday - his first fall causing owies.

Which leads me to the heart attack part of this post.

Yesterday I was just getting done at Mommies and Munchkins and we were heading to the car. Parker was in his stroller and I was trying to get my keys and all of sudden I hear him crying - I look and he had slid between the seat and the tray was laying underneath the stroller. I freaked - I grabbed him and sat in the grass and examined him. All I found, thankfully, was that he had scratched his arms up pretty good and had a little scratch on the back of his head. But I examined his entire body, made sure nothing was broken or anything. He was screaming, but I think it's because he was scared. I got him settled and ran one errand then headed home.

I did what I felt was right, I monitored him throughout the day, looked for signs of head issues, ect. He was pretty normal, a bit clingy, but didn't act really strange. At least until bedtime, when he started losing it. He was crying and screaming, wouldn't go down - nothing. We tried bathing him, feeding him, taking him outside. Finally, because I was worried maybe there was head trauma I didn't notice - I called the Dr. He basically said give him tylenol and that I am doing everything right and he should be ok.

But it still sucked, and I felt so bad. Once Parker finally did go down, I was talking to Drew and I just felt so guilty. I should have buckled him in, I should have been watching better. I am not a bad mom (though I felt like it). Man it was hard.

But I am over it now. I realize i am a good mom and kids get hurt. They are resilient and bounce back pretty quick!

Today, Parker is fine. He's down for a nap right now and later we are heading over to a friends to hang out, so it should be a good day!


Heatherlyn said...

Your worries are normal. I freaked out over every bump of my first child, too. :)

Carrie said...

Awww...that's so hard! Just yesterday Z fell off our bed onto his head & I felt so bad!!! And I'll never forget - one day last summer/fall, I let him lay on our bed for a SECOND while I turned on the tub water & he rolled off & hit his head on our fan - I was waking him & checking him every hour for a concussion through the night, it was horrible. But he survived, thankfully. :) His stroller doesn't have a divider in between his legs, too, but thankfully he's never wiggled out of it. :( You are doing a great job, and parenting is hard. I hope Parker's feeling fine today!!!

Jennifer said...

*sigh* It happens to the best of them! I'm glad he's okay, though.

On another note, Parker and my son are tooth twins! LOL! My little one has four on top and three on the bottom, too!