Monday, June 29, 2009

Tidbits: Hopes and Dreams, Revisiting Kids Bop, This week

Another Tidbit Post:

1) Hopes and Dreams

"You can say I'm a dreamer, but I am not the only one..." I have a lot on my heart recently, Good stuff, but a lot. My hopes and dreams grow daily. And one hope and dream and I am praying about working out is going to Cambodia next year to visit the orphanage that Vista sponsors. Our church is very connected to Asia's Hope, a wonderful ministry that offers hope to orphans! Our church has helped to build an orphanage home in Cambodia. We have a missionary over there currently, a lovely lady from our church that has been there for 10+ months and who will be home for a little bit at the end of this week and then returning back! We have sent many over to visit the orphanage and our children. Jen updates about them here: Asian Vista. Last Christmas, I completely fell in love with the kids when during our Christmas program we were able to do online talk through Skype during the program. Those kids are lovely and precious and I so want to go hug each one. Recently, my heart is being tugged on and I am praying about going on a trip to Cambodia the next time we as a church send some another Vista group. To be honest, this SCARES ME TO DEATH! 1) I mean, it's Cambodia - a completely different world than here. 2) Loooong flight, the furthest I've flown was to Cancun (and I cried a lot because I hate planes!) 3) I am worried about pretty much everything - health, food, will I do ok, blah blah blah. 4) I don't have a passport! I am sure if it is meant to be it will all come together, but to be honest. it all just makes me nervous.

2) Revisiting Kidz Bop

Once again, I have a bone to pick with whoever created this silly CD. Do you really think putting today's pop/rock hits to kids music makes it all better? I mean, have you HEARD the songs in real life? Just because you put them to some cotton candy music and maybe change one or two words, doesn't make it any more appropriate! I can tell you right now, Parker will never own one of those CD's, or Heely's for that matter, but that's a whole other post!

3) This Week

So this week is looking like a fun week. I think later after Parker is awake, he and I are going to meet Tabatha and Logan at the park and hang out for the afternoon! I am so excited! I need to get out of this house. Tomorrow, I have Mommies and Munchkins and thankfully it won't be as hot as the other day when I almost passed out. I am looking forward to it. Wed, we have to run up to the Vista office so that I can make copies. As well as we are going to go over to Crissy's so mommy gets some girl time and I am going to bring Parker's little pool and I'm gonna let him "swim." Thursday is going to be nuts, mommies and munchkins in the morning, then Drew and I are going to go to Easton to do some thinking through stuff. That evening my in laws will be here. Friday, is my mom in law's birthday, we are going to go to the zoo, hang out, play games and then take her to dinner and then Saturday is the 4th - we are going to a parade, and the fireworks later in the day. Sunday, church!

Oh yah, busy busy, so please understand if my posts aren't that thrilling this week!

Oh can you say a prayer for me, I am going to be calling my Dr. today about my anti-depressant and also, calling for a counselor. I'm a little nervous about that!


Marla Taviano said...

I want to go to Cambodia too. Don't be scared. It will be AWESOME!!

Carrie said...

TOTALLY agree about the KidzBop - I turned on Disney Kids Radio channel the other day for Zachary, and I was rather appalled at the songs I heard on there!!! - it is ridiculous that these are considered appropriate for kids!!!

MoziEsmé said...

I'm wishing I could go to Cambodia with you - my sister lives there! I'm sure it will be well worth the terrible journey.

Best wishes in your busy week!

Heatherlyn said...

I think kids' bop is a BAD idea myself. Really, truly, bad. My kids will never own one of those cds either.

I hope your doctor prescribes what is best for you. I had a good experience with lexapro once. I only needed it for 2 months and it really balanced my system back out. I loved that it is non-addictive. And when I didn't take it anymore I didn't even notice a difference, just that I was balanced again. So good luck finding what will work for you!