Friday, October 24, 2008


I really hadn't planned on posting anymore today, but I was just sitting here (as a excitedly count down the minutes until I go bowling with the mom's in my play group - 2 hours!) and watching, or rather, listening to Gilmore Girls and thinking. As I began to think and play around on the interent and read blogs and such, it hit me, I am SO blessed. And it hit me, I want to share some of those blessings with you:
1) Family - sure they can be A LITTLE annoying sometimes and sure, family dinners are more like a good episode of Jerry Springer (maybe I am a little over exaggerating...) I love them. I have such a fun family, so different yet so fun to be around. I am thankful that I can call if I need to, which honestly, dosen't happen as much as it should (sorry guys!) But I am really thankful to have my family. And I am so thankful for my in-laws. I always thought I would be stuck in a marriage with a great guy but would so dislike the in-laws...thankfully, my in-laws are awesome and I get a long with them great - plus it helps they are a tad bit "special" too ;) Love ya pete, I know you are reading this and laughing outloud!

2) Friends - I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I am with the friends I have. I will admit, I don't stay much in contact with friends from high school. There are several that I choose not to because my life is so different now and there are some that I wish I could, and there are those I am doing my best to. I love the high school friends that I am lucky to be in contact with. And honestly, I can't wait till our 10 yr. reunion! 

Then there are those I met at college. They have each changed my life in such a VERY special way. I have been able to be in several weddings and attend others, be around to see babies, pregnancies, and help when they have called out to me. I adore my college friends and love them deeply. 

Then of course, my friends here in Columbus and other places. I am so blessed by the amazing friends I have at church. Just today, I was reading a blog of one of those Vista-ites friend and I realized something, she is a lot like me and I adore her because I feel like she understands me. Now, all my friends seem to, but it just makes me laugh thinking how she and I met (well not laugh, but be thankful for Parker's birth!) I remember being so nervous (as I am anytime I meet someone new) and not knowing who the heck I was looking for to pick up food from, which btw...the yummy food you made me that day, I will never forget! We talked and she listened and now, now I can't get enough of her! (and I am pretty sure she loves Parker more than me - haha!) But back to all my friend's at Vista, I came into my church, not knowing anyone. I came to Columbus knowing 2 people! And now, 2 years later, I am in a play group, I am active in my church, I am going out bowling! Boy do I wish I had gone to Open Gym today with other mommies at my church - I missed everyone! 
3) A Hubby and A Baby - How on earth did I get blessed with such an amazing husband. He sits up with me at night if I am crying, he understands why I need him to text me when he gets to work each day, he drove me to the hospital for a pain in my side and then spent every night with me sleeping in chairs, couches, cots, as I spent a week in the hospital. He listens when I talk about things that I am pretty sure he could care less about and even though we veiw certain things differently, he listens to my side and I try to listen to his! And look what we made, a beautiful baby boy! Sure, Parker is a preemie but I am glad he is. I realize that God taught me SO MUCH during the summer. I learned to fully rely on him to heal my son (and I still do!), I learned to like hospitals, I learned to deal with needles, I learned that I am the right mommy for Parker. I learned that God is bigger than any illness, any obstacle, any scary occurance. He healed me and he healed my son and I am thankful that I have hope! 

I am blessed to have a house over my head, food in my fridge (I made roast tonight...oh yah, domestic diva here!), money in the bank, clothes, friends, family, love, life, and a God, who gave it all to me! 

God is awesome and so are his many blessings!


Ali said...

Wow, Denise, I think you were talking about me, and that completely makes my day. I do love that little Parker, and I am so blessed to have you, Andrew and that precious miracle baby in my life. I am beyond excited that our boys will grow up together (thank God for wholesome church friends), and I'm even more excited to spend some time with my friend, Denise, if this ankle ever heals.
You are an amazing mommy.
Love you.

Dad Northern said...

Hey Denise - You were right. I was laughing. I think you're getting to know me. As I've said before, you are a true blessing as a daughter-in-law (in many ways more like the daughter we didn't have). You bring so much into our lives and we're all much richer for it. We're looking forward to more time with you all.

Dad Northern

Jess said...

I LOVE hearing about blessings :). God is so good.