Monday, February 16, 2009

Tidbits: Lousy Weekend, Parker, Baby Food Advice

Hello Friends,

- I am not entirely sure how to start this post today. It's been a hard weekend and I want you to know that I appreciate your praying for me, Drew and Parker. I also would like to ask that you keep doing so, as this is a long process we are going through. I wish I could share with you the details of what is happening and honestly I could, but I am not comfortable sharing them with you all. It's not at all that I don't trust you guys, I do, I write things on my blog that I might not tell even my family (well that's not true because I know some read this!) but still. I just feel in order for Drew and I to strengthen our marriage and work through this hard time, it's best that we keep this between us for the most part. I hope that you all can understand. I guess the broad specifics of what to pray for would be, healing from hurt, healing in both mine and Drew's hearts, that God would help us rebuild some things in out life and that our marriage would come out stronger on the end of this season. One of the worst parts of this is the timing of it all....lets just say Valentine's Day was HORRIBLE. So thankfully tonight our friend Mandi is coming to watch Parker and we are going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I am excited! *Oh and in regards to my previous post about accusations and the ending of a friendship - this is sorta related but mostly not!* I will do my best to keep prayer requests up (I will make a special thing on the side of my blog so you can always find what to specifically pray for!

- Parker is amazing. I thought I would let you know that. The kid has learned he can shreek - oh yah, fun times in our house. Mommy normally has a small headache by the end of the day thanks to Mr. Parker's screeching fits.

- Ok, question time. I make my own baby food, but here's my problem - peaches, pears and banana's keep growing brown quickly...any thoughts on how to make that not happen? I know lemon juice...but I don't think I want to put that in for parker right now. If I cook them, will that help them keep their color better? I am so annoyed by this!

I should probably go and start getting around for our date for tonight! Thank you all for loving us!


Ali said...

There's nothing bad about the browning of fruit. It will happen when you freeze and fridge it. As long as you are feeding him before the fruit is obviously bad, it is fine regardless of the color. Hope that helps!

giraffegirl524 said...

i hope everything gets better for you! i pray for you a lot.

about the baby food, have you tried buying them when they're a little bit hard so it takes them a few extra days to ripen? that might work...

hope it helps!

Carrie said...

Denise, I think that it is wise not to share all the details of our personal lives on the internet- good decision. :) And I am praying for you guys. Glad you got to go out tonight.

As far as the baby bananas always got brown, but I don't remember the peaches or anything else getting brown...I pureed them, and then froze them right away, and then kept the cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer until I thawed them in the microwave at mealtime, or for like 2-3 hours before in the fridge. I cooked my peaches until Z was about 6-7 months, just so they'd be soft enough, but I don't think that'd help with the browning. Hope you get it worked out!

Heatherlyn said...

You know, there are things I don't post about either. Undoubtedly unrelated to what you don't want to post (I try not to post about my or my honey's ex spouse). Just, some things in life work out better if not everyone knows the details! Time often heals a lot. I hope that it works out that way for you!