Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tidbits - Parker, BlogHer 09

Hello Friends!

Well, I wasn't really sure what to write today...mainly because I don't have anything profound or thoughtful to talk about. My brain is fried. Being up with a sick kid last night and then being with him all day my brain is stuck in some hazy area of sickness. The good news is today at the doctor he confirmed that Parker has a nasty cold. Thankfully, his lungs are fine and sound perfect. Talk about relief, with the cough he has I was sure it was worse. But nope, it's not and it already sounds a bit better! He's needy and honestly, I like it, I miss my cuddly baby. I miss him being littler and wanting to be swaddled and nuzzled. He's been my little buddy and I love it. I just hate that he is sick and that's why he wants it. But he should be fine! Woohoo!!!!

In an on-going effort to make myself and this blog more interesting, I just joined the site BlogHer in hopes to not only meet new people, but also learn more about making this blog more than just a random site of my musings! I am constantly falling in love with the idea of making a more informative blog, but remaining myself and still doing my silly things I do. As I was looking around BlogHer, I came across this BlogHer Conference '09. I really really want to go, just not sure about any of the details in how to do that. To be honest our money is tight, so I don't actually know if I can go or not. I have a lot of details to work out...money, travel, companion?, Parker/babysitter, ect. I don't know...but I do know that I would enjoy it and am praying that somehow God will help me work this out. I already missed Blissdom 09 and I keep drooling over the details I read on other blogs and twitter about it. So I really really hope this works out, anyone want to come with me?

Other than that, I have not much more to say...wait, no, scratch that. I do want to say something else. I love blogging. I love the freedom and release it gives me and I love that I get to share myself with you. This is why I am hoping to work out the BlogHer conference, because I want to dig deep into this "blogging" idea and really stretch myself creatively. I also want to use this blog to reach others who have been blessed with preemies! But mostly, I just want to learn, grow and meet more amazing people through this blog. That is super important to me. I am shy and so doing things this way is teaching me alot about myself. In the future, I hope to make this blog more organized, fun, and a little more professional-ishy looking! To those of you who read this blog faithfully, thank you, it means the world to me. To the new readers, welcome and I hope you enjoyed my blog enough to come back. Remember, I am still new to all of this (I have been "blogging" for years - using xanga...but this to me is like more than blogging, it's a new "home".

Ok, I am out for the night! :)


Marla Taviano said...

Dream big, girl! :)

Ali said...

FYI - Lots of people took their babies to Blissdom, I'm sure there will be lots of babies at Blogher. Also, Blogher is cheaper than Blissdom if you can find a place to stay. It's the hotel cost that always gets ya. Hope it works out!

Heatherlyn said...

I enoy people's blogs especially when they are just talking about their life. Those are the most interesting posts. I love it because you are honest, and real, and growing through trials and happy blessings. :)