Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Growing a Parker!

**Anyone know of a good place to have a t-shirt made? I want to make some for my march of dimes team...I'd like it to be relatively inexpensive. **

Hi friends,

So as it seems, I am a horrible gardner, but a great mother! Really, neither of those compare, but considering me and plants get along about as well as cats and dogs I figured I would struggle with taking care of a baby. I mean, after all, you need to feed, water and bathe it too....well and change it's diaper and play with it and love it and nurture it. I digress...

Today was Parker's *gasp* 9 month check up. First of all, where in the world did these last 9 months go? I missed some somewhere, I am sure of it. Parker and I arrived at the Dr and waited forever. This has never happened...it took them 30 minutes to see us...but it was right before lunch so parker just hung out with me in the waiting room, playing on his blankie on the floor. We got back and took the measurements...13 lbs. 8 ozs!!!! 25.75 inches long and I think the circumference on his head was 17in. That's my boy. The doctor was VERY please with Parker's growth...he's gained 4 lbs since his 6 month check up in Nov. The only thing that could be concerning and really it doesn't come in to play until he is 24 months, is getting on to the growth curve for a normal 9 mth old. If he isn't on to that curve by 2 years, he will have to see an endocrinologist and see if he has any issues like deficiencies. But at this point, we just keep doing what we do! Continue to feed him and bathe him and water him! In all seriousness, he is doing so well! I am glad to know that he is doing well! He did get his almost last Synagis shot. He hated that part, I hated that part. But he survived and came home and napped all afternoon. So it looks like with all I do, I can grow a Parker! How bout that?

Other than that - we did take Parker to the zoo yesterday. It was so funny, not all the animals were out, but it didn't bother me and it was quiet and cool and it was our first family date in a LONG time. And we spent only 5 bucks for coffee and a bottle of water. YAY ZOO MEMBERSHIP. It also helped me to get ready (sorta) for the March of Dimes walk in April. I am planning on going to the zoo once a week to just walk, so if you are in the C-bus area and want to meet up and join me...please let me know, I'd love company! I am also of planning on trying to go to a metro park too and even just walk around the complex!

Back to the zoo...

The zoo was fun, I got to see the Gorilla's and the Elephants! LOVE THEM. I even got to see the Langur's and I was sitting near the glass and the littlest one, born 8-8-08 came up to the class and I put my hand up and it put it's hand up...SO CUTE. It was fun to show Parker all these animals, even if he didn't get it so much. He was so mesmerized by the fish...he loved them. After the zoo, we went to babies r us and got a baby gate for the top of our stairs. Yes folks, little Parker is moving enough that it's better to have one then to not. He is getting on all fours...doesn't crawl, but with as fast as he has been accomplishing things....yah...so we got a gate. To be installed tonight!

After all of this we went to the March of Dimes family team night and started our poster that will be in the family tent at the walk. I didn't get done...which is ok because I had left some stuff at home! I am getting more and more excited for the march of dimes walk on April 26th. I met some great people last night and really enjoyed myself. If you would like to join our team and walk with us or donate, please visit our family page: Northern Family.

Other than that, things are good here...like I said in yesterday's post, I am in a very very good place! I am happy and I feel good! It's been a long time since I have been this content in my life!

I am not sure if I will post again until thursday. I got a text last last night from my brother, Phillip, asking to come visit. He has yet to meet Parker, so of course I said yes. I am excited that he and my sister Steph are coming to hang out tomorrow. I just wish our brother Brandon could be here too, but he's in school! So I am sure I will be busy!

I hope you all are having a terrific tuesday!


Carrie said...

I can't believe he's nine months old!!! But Z is 15 months now, which is just crazy! :) I'm glad he's doing so well with growing! :)

Also, when you go to walk, do you ever wear Parker? I love wearing Zachary while walking, and I think it even burns extra calories! (Bonus!) :) I have a ring sling that I love using & also a Patapum carrier. It is extra fun to wear them on your front b/c then you can interact with them, since you really can't as much in a stroller (at least when they face forward).

Marla Taviano said...

You know how I feel about the zoo. :)
Do you know if it's supposed to be nice next week?
I'm loving your joyful posts. :)