Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm NOT a bad mom, and Parker is NOT deal!

Ha, I love my title. Sure, it's a bit long, but some days I just want to scream that to the here I am screaming:




Ok, so no one called me a bad mom and no one called Parker stupid (at least not that I am aware of) but satan seems to like to drill this into my head on a bad day.

Well you know what satan - go sit on a tack you annoying little twerp...I am SO OVER YOU!

Not that I have yelled at twerpazoid I am happy to announce that for once in my measly motherhood I feel like a good mom! Ok, maybe not for once - but it has been a while to be honest.

Parker had a meeting with his Help Me Grow case worker today. Parker is doing great over all, his scores are really good...except for two:
- Communication: we are so close to not being in the delayed part
- Social - Emotional: we are close to being in the delayed part.
I am actually really happy about that...I know that Parker is a lousy communicator (must get that from me!) and I know that there are some things he is just behind on...but that does not make him stupid or slow.

Give the kid a break, he was after all born a whole 11 weeks early...and considering where he is right now, he's doing GREAT! Our case worker said she has worked with other 29 weekers and that Parker is doing VERY well considering. He is - surprisingly enough an early walker!

I am thrilled by this. Here I am thinking my child is on his way to delayedville USA, but nope, he's doing great.

He starts therapy this Friday! I really look forward to it because I am at a point where I feel burnt out working with him all the time. It will be nice to have someone who went to school for this stuff here to help him. And I look forward to learning how to help him with his mildly delayed areas. I love spending time with him.

I think I am realizing that I am too hard on myself when it comes to being a mom. I also know that I worry too much - WAY too much. But I am sorta starting to let go and really trust God for Parker's growth and development.

That's a good thing if you ask me.

(did this blog seem random?)


Crissy said...

So, my thought is that Parker is a 'mover and shaker'. Meaning he had to focus all his energy on learning to walk. Now that he is a pro at that the rest is gravy!! Love that little peanut and love you too! You are an amazing mom, never doubt that!!

Ali said...

You are a brilliant mommy, and Parker is amazing!

Carrie said...

You are so right - you are NOT a bad mommy, and Parker is doing great. Boys can be slower to communicate, and when he does start, it will just explode over the next few months. He is such a happy boy, always smiling and sweet, and he gets THAT from you. :)

Also, I worry about 'stupid' stuff all the time, too - lately Z has been kind of stuttering when he starts to tell me things sometimes, and I'm thinking, "Do I make him nervous? Is he developing a stuttering problem because I'm impatient with him?" I mean, come on, he's one! Duh! :) But that's just the way our mommy minds work. :)