Friday, November 21, 2008

A Parker Manuel

Here's my theory, anytime a baby comes out of the belly, it should have a little manuel attached to it, like, instead of them coming out all gunky and gewy and ewwwy and icky, they should come out clean, with a big bow around them (blue for boy and pink for girl, of course!) and in that bow, should be the baby's manuel. Mine of course would be called that "Parker Manuel". And it would give me all the answers I need so I don't lose what little brain I have left.

" Congratulations, you have had your very own Parker! This manuel is designed specifically for him and his needs and all the answers for him! Do not share as your Parker is completely different from any other Parker and will not have the same issues as any other baby! You did great carrying him for "insert amount of time here" and I entrust this child to you for the next "insert amount here"! Again Congratulations! "

Oh how I wish I had one because I am so confused sometimes by this child. Or just things related to him, like for example, at this age (almost 6 months) how often should he be sleeping? What if he is over sleeping or under sleeping? And what about his dry skin, is that ok (actually the doctor and I talked about that on Tuesday). Oh and what about teething, is he or isn't he? Is his poopy allowed to be hard or should it still be soft? If it is hard and he is only on cereal, is that a bad thing? Am I over stimulating him but having Dora on in the background? Boy, I just have so many questions. which sometimes (ok MOST OF THE TIME) leads to me stressing and conjuring up terrible things and this of course leads me to my mommy guilt issues. I can see it now, "Oh no, hard poop....he's really sick!"

Then of course in the manuel would be all the answers I need to solid foods. Mainly, the answers to making my own. I want to do that because I know WIC does not provide baby food, just cereal (anyone else find this silly?) and plus I have always wanted to. (I know of a good book though!) and of course there would be a coupon for free diapers for Parker until he doesn't need them anymore. And there would be a part about how to potty train.

Oh wouldn't it be nice?


Ali said...

WIC doesn't provide baby food? Makes no sense! Does anything make sense anymore? Obviously not babies!

Anonymous said...

great idea! hopefully by the time i have one (which will be awhile) they will really have manuels :)... just remember what a great job you are doing as a mom, and how blessed Parker is to have you!

Christy said...

WIC will be providing fresh veggies and fruits next year, they're already doing it for us military overseas! :)

Cereal is useless, it's empty calories so honestly unless it's something your dr just feels is an absolute necessity, I'd personally (and have) skip it. I've made my last 2 their own babyfood and found it so easy and just as convient to take with me as the junk they sell in the jar and then I know it doesn't have all that salt added to it!

As for teething, some do not get teeth until they're over a year, while others get it at only a couple of those NO control issue's...he'll get them exactly when he should! :)