Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well Hello There!!!

Parker's 1st Easter - and his special outfit!

Hello there friends,

It feels like I haven't written in a while. This weekend I was busy busy with Easter and choir and family and just never had a chance to sit down and share anything with you. And as far as yesterday - my excuse is I slept in till noon and then attempted to clean, relax and get some grocery shopping done. Plus my mind was in off mode so I am not sure I could have pulled together a comprehensive post.

So here is a much deserved update.

I will go back to Thursday - not such a great day for me because I hurt myself - bad. I was putting something in the oven and ended up having the oven door close on my arm. I burnt it bad...Friday it was blistered and icky! Before all this, I met up with some friends at the zoo and spent the afternoon there. It was a blast!

Friday - we took Parker to the doctor for a follow up on his skin irritation. Basically, we just have to continue with the special cortizone cream we have a prescription for. Do that for 3 weeks and it should be completely gone. I will say, his skin looks almost normal after just a weekend of the stuff - so that's positive. While I was there, I had Dr. D look at my burn and he told me how to care for it. I love that he is my son's ped. but will take the time to look at my arm so I don't have to go to a clinic. Friday evening Drew's parents got here and we attempted to go to the good friday service. Parker had a melt down so we ended up leaving early and coming home.

Sat. - I woke up too early for a Sat. and headed to church for a choir run-through. It was a long rehearsal! But it was so worth it. Drew and I worked hard all week to make a slide show to a song called "I Will Rise" and we got to show it for the first time at the rehearsal and everyone loved it. I loved it! I worked hard on it, I basically spent hours staring at pictures to pick out the perfect ones. Drew really just edited it! After rehearsal I came home (the grandparents had watched Mr. P.) and relaxed and then the four of us hopped in the car and headed to Easton to meet Drew for lunch. It was a good time!

Sun - again, woke up WAY to early for a Sunday and headed to church for our last run through before the actual services. It was awesome to see God work. One of our songs was so challenging and even in rehearsal before the service we were struggling with it. But during the service, it came out great and perfect. I was moved several times to tears during the service...mainly because of I Will Rise! The song gives my goosebumps. Pastor Mike delivered a fun and very insipiring sermon.
Both services were good and Parker was so cute in his little outfit (I will post a picture later once I dump the camera). We had Olive Garden for lunch and then came home for a 4 hour nap!

Speaking of Parker - this kid is getting so big! He can scoot backwards and almost crawl. He eats puffs, even though he doesn't have teeth (well just one) and he loves um. He sits in a high chair now, though he tiny compared to them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

I have a busy week ahead as I pull together the lesson for the Toddler Room on Sunday! I promise some more posts later too!

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Heatherlyn said...

I'm sorry about your burn. I really hate burns. They are so painful and seem to last a long time. I hope yours heals soon!

It sounds like you had a lovely Easter! I'm so glad! Happy Tuesday!