Monday, March 2, 2009

A Big 'Ol Update

Hello Friends,

I feel like I have not been around much to update this blog. I apologize, things have been a little crazy in my life recently! But I am happy to report that today, I have an update for all of you - and a good one at that!


The Critter is doing awesome! He is a little ball of energy that keeps us very busy now-a-days. He is 9 months old now. Just typing that is strange. I can not believe he is just 3 months away from being a year old. It was just about this time last year that I felt my first flutter and now, that little flutter is a beautiful baby boy. He is almost able to sit up on his own now. He does do it, but not for long - maybe a minute or two. He is rolling all over the place, scooting on the floor a little too. He is doing so well! He is such a good boy.


This past weekend was a great one - although it has left my insanely tired. My hubby had a 5 day weekend and so we got to enjoy lot of time together. Friday, as you all know, I got my hair chopped off and I do still love it. Yesterday, though I was ready to shave my head, the stupid wind made my hair be more poofy than normal, but I think, even with this hair cut, it looked fine! I did also burn my neck on the curling iron! Ow!

Saturday was a long day. It started with choir practice at 9 am. We are going to be singing some AWESOME songs this Easter! I love them! They are fun and so worthy of goosebumps. I had a hard time making it through practice, just because I was tired and I don't do so well being up early in the morning - and add in having to sing...yah, not a pretty picture!

After practice I headed over to Panera and got myself prepared for a meet up with some fellow bloggers from the area. I tell you what, these ladies where lovely and gave me some amazing insight into blogging and taking it to another level. I was able to meet 5 other blogging moms.
- Ali from Blessed Treehouse was one of them, I know her in real life though, we go to church together, were in a small group together and are good friends. But of course, I have to include her...because well, like the other women, she is incredible!
- Sandy from Organize with Sandy. She can come organize my horribly unorganized home anytime :)
- Lacie from Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews. She as well as the others helped me learn a lot about making blogging more than just updates.
- Ellen from Thrifty and Chic Mom. She introduced me to the world of couponing - which I intend to start. She also gave me great insight into other things related to blogging as well.
- And finally Christina from A Mommy Story. Another lovely women, who sadly I didn't get a lot of time to know, but the talking we did do, was fun!
It was great to connect with other women who have been doing this longer or have made it a bigger part of their life. I want to learn more and not only have this blog, but another one.

Saturday evening, Drew and I were able to go over to our friend's the B's house and have a fun night of games with them and their kiddos. We were introduced to the world of Sorry Sliders and Uno Flash! Talk about fun! We love this family and are so thankful for their friendship. They are even going to be praying over us when we dedicate Parker at church (May 10, 10:30am if you want to come!)

Sunday, yesterday, was another long day! We went to church, I didn't get to be in the actual service, I was in the nursery, but we started the 40 days before Easter stuff. I heard the sermon was great - I do know the set up was awesome...I will have to post a picture of our stage, but to give you an idea...a cross, a HUGE chain link fence in front of it and "stuff" blocking the way. It looked great! And my stroller, blanket and christmas tree were used. The creative team at our church is AWESOME! After church was a membership meeting which we went to. I think we were techinally already members (we've been with VIsta since day 1) but they were basically putting it in writing now, because have grown so much in two years! It was a good meeting.

After church we dropped Parker off at Mandi's and she watched him while Drew and I went to a movie - "He's just not that into you." Really good movie, really really good!


I mentioned this some on Sat. But I am hoping, planning, thinking of, making another blog. I will keep this one of course and it will be my personal one, but I really want to do one where I can reach more people, where I can do giveaways, reviews, ect. Make it more of a specific blog (much like Ellen, which is mostly about saving money...or Lacie's which is all about reviewing). I am hoping to do one that reaches out to others who have a preemie, are going through the NICU experience, are going to go through it, went through it, brought home a preemie, ect. It's on my heart to reach out to parents who went through or who are going through what I went through. There are a lot of us out there and I want to make a place for them to come and feel like they aren't the only ones. That's really all I know. I don't want to be a huge giveaway or review site, though I certainly plan to do a little bit here and there. I just feel so stuck...I don't know how to bring it into fruition. So pray that I can really start to hunker down and figure it out. Also, if you have an idea of a name, let me know, because I am not sure what to name it either. I'd like it to be welcoming to all parents if possible, giving tips that we all can use (much like my recent discussions on mommy guilt!). I had the though of a name like "Small Miracles" but I am not at all set on it and I want the name to reflect that is more than that...I just feel stuck.

Along with this, I am planning to learn more about hosting ad's, affiliate programs, ect. My mind is a hot mess.


I finished the book I was reading - "Motherhood, the Guilt that keeps on giving." I learned a lot and am thinking of (eventually) doing a giveaway of the book. Tomorrow, I plan to post on the things I learned and share some insight from the final chapters of the book. I tell you what, I have really learned what real vs. fake guilt looks like (although it can still be hard sometimes to not give into the fake guilt).

Check out the new book I am reading!


I want to say that I am so thankful for this blog, a place where I can share and learn and meet new people. It's great to have a community like this. You all are such a blessing to me, seriously! I am thankful for you! VERY VERY thankful! :)

Have a great day!


My2Gs said...

You're sweet! It was great meeting you as well. Thanks for the mention :-)

Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad things are doing so well for you. I do Thrifty&Chic Mom's focus friday blog thing. It's really interesting to think that you could meet her in person, like, that she's a REAL person. I know bloggy people are real. But it still seems surreal to MEET bloggy people. Fun! Your Easter songs sound wonderful and uplifting. And bless you for being in the nursery. I guess that is where your son is anyway, but it takes very special people to hang out with the kiddos!